Prayer Requests - updated 3/25/19

  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we learn this very new and different culture. We are trying to learn what is safe vs unsafe and not understanding the cultural norms does make that more difficult than we anticipated. 

  • Please pray for Rob as he is learning how to engage students in a new way and coaches many Ugandan teachers as well. Again, prayers for wisdom in areas of cultural awareness are very much appreciated.  

  • Please pray for Becky as being home a lot with the kiddos and not able to just get out and run around is a new normal for all of us. The kids have been a little stir crazy.   

  • Please pray for safety as we drive around. The driving here is a little chaotic, as we anticipated, however, we did not know how dangerous it can be if you get in an accident. Mobs quickly form and they often take justice into their own hands so we have both had to overcome fears in the area of driving and lock our doors and pray every time before we head on the road.